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Feels so much nicer this morning with the windows open and the AC off. πŸ˜€ #
Finally starting to cool down around here although it's still a bit humid!#
Hopefully today will be the last of the sweltering heat as cold front is moving in tomorrow. I'm really tired of this heat! πŸ₯΅#
I really hope we collectively come to a more peaceful and understanding about our differences and learn to respect each other. #
After last night I fear we may have just crossed the Rubicon. #
Another hot one today in the low 90s! πŸ₯΅#
The cool down lasted all of one day! Temps in the 90s coming back this weekend! 😑#
The sweltering heat finally broke last night and it's finally nice and cool with temps in the upper 60s this morning. πŸ˜€#
This heat is unbelievable! It was already in the upper 80s at 9:00 this morning! We may get thunderstorms this afternoon which hopefully will break the heat wave! πŸ₯΅β›ˆοΈ#
We will be under a heat advisory starting at noon today! And global warming is a myth! πŸ₯΅#
It's my granddaughter's 9th birthday today! Happy Birthday Pari Joon! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰#
Going to the Pirates-Mets game this afternoon! ⚾️#
Good morning sports fans! Before a sell-out crowd my Pirates crushed the Mets last night 14-2 behind 7 home runs including 2 grand slams! Hope they still have some runs in the tank for the rest of the weekend! 😎 #
My oldest grandson put on his own fireworks show (with the help of his dad) last night! He even created a spotify playlist to accompany the show! We all had a great time! 😍#
Happy 4th of July! πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸ§¨#
Still feeling down in the dumps with the way our country is right now. #
Thought provoking article over on MacStories about how Large Language Models have "learned" and what affect they believe it will have on the open web.#
Still reeling about the Supreme Court rulings yesterday! 😑#
After the Supreme Court rulings today the reality is we live in a corrupt country that the Republicans successfully caused through the many years of trying. We have to stop Republicans from taking more power by voting them out or in the case of Trump not voting him back in. A very sad day for true Americans.#
Watched the movie Fancy Dance on Apple TV+ last night and I really enjoyed it! Highly recommend it! Lily Gladstone was excellent as was Isabel Deroy-Olson who played her niece Roki!#
Watched the first 4 episodes of Presumed Innocent on Apple TV+ and it was defimitely a David E. Kelley driven show. Really liked it and can't wait for next week's episode!#
Happy Birthday dad! If my dad was still roaming this earth he would have been 101 today! He really brought a smile to everyone he met! 😍#
Watched the debate last night. Trump is such an outright liar, convicted felon and con man! Biden had an off night in presentation but he told the truth.#
Had some rough thunderstorms last night with a couple of tornados outside of the city! Crazy weather!#
Things got a little crazy yesterday and I'm still going to be catching up today.#
Hoping to get back to building a Cookiecutter template for my vector embedding and search process. #
Got back last night after driving through a fair amount of rain. At one point Apple CarPlay announced that the route we were on would take us into a tornado warning area and suggested a safer route! First time I ever had that happen! #
Heading down to Maryland to see my grandkids and to celebrate my oldest son's birthday! Won't be any blog posts until I get back Sunday evening.#

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